Snare for Birds

Works born out of arts-based research of the U.S. colonial archive, inviting contemplation on the interplay between history and contemporary realities, while exploring the materiality and significance of the archive to memory-making.

Untitled (from Snare for Birds), 2021-2023, Charcoal and pastel on manila paper

Untitled (from Snare for Birds),
2023, Charcoal on manila paper


Bagyo is an exploration living in the anthropocene, as experienced in a cycle of violence and suspended tragedy. In the face of climate disaster, it contemplates what it means to move beyond what diplomat Samantha Power describes as “admiring the problem” as opposed to solving it.

Bagyo, 2018, Virtual reality sculpture and space


“Vid-joke” examines the dynamics of climate discourse from a diasporic Filipino perspective. The work reimagines the role of political theatre, platitudes, and the global stage as a karaoke performance, a favorite Filipino pastime. Using the lo-fi aesthetics of karaoke videos, its highly-saturated style will be utilized to render disaster images and text by Filipino climate activists and leaders. The work invites the audience to consider the performativity of participation or inaction.

Vid-joke, 2018, Digital video


Through photography, this body of work delves into the landscape of a diasporic experience, conveying the yearnings, joys, and feelings of exile.

Self-Portrait as the Sulu Sea

Performance video based on embodied research of dance traditions of Southeast Asia.

Self-Portrait as the Sulu Sea, 2018, Performance-based digital video


Performance and animation video about external and internal struggles of anxiety.

Tsismis, 2018, Performance-based digital

Untitled (Hyphen Series)

Photographic series of self-portraits contemplating the boundaries of racial identity.

Untitled (Hyphen Series), 2010, Performance-based photography

Untitled (Hair Series)

Self-exploration utilizing diverse hair styles to obscure and amplify the relationship and performance of exoticness and femininity.

Untitled (Hair Series), 2009-2010, Performance-based photography


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